Saturday, November 6, 2010

Deleting "Friends" on FB

Have you ever just added people you knew but didn't really care for on FB?

I don't know about you, but I accept some of them just to be nice. I peruse their page a little bit, just to see what they've been up to with their lives. I always have that mentality out of sight, out of mind when it comes to FB, see you post, I know that you're alive, don't...I'll forget we even added each other. Unless, that person likes to completely fill everyones feed with incessant updates of what they're doing, what somebody said on the hour, every hour. Then...yeah, bitch has got to go. Earlier this year, I've come to love that little 'x' button that pops up when you hover over someones status or activity. When you click on it, basically you can block somebodies statuses from appearing on your feed. With no occurrence to them, you won't know about how drunk they were last night or my personal annoyance, the need to let everyone know who much you and your boyfriend are in love. Now, once or twice is enough, but if I can't see what I just posted one second ago, then...yeah, bitch I'm blocking your posts.

A little while ago I just decided to clear quite a few number of people that I never understood why I remained friends with. Didn't really quite like each other, but they felt that it was enough time that had passed that a mutual friendship over social networking seemed fit. Funny as I just accept be nice AND believe that it has been enough time that has passed since seeing this person that a mutual friendship via social networking wouldn't be a big problem. I guess with certain people, it'll just never be okay to get over that border, possibly romantic or a fall out. And at the same time, there is always the notion that even though you two added each other, you don't communicate through FB, you never really communicated during school, or possibly you added them for convenience because of school. What other reason do you need them as a friend? Unless you're still living in that MySpace mentality that you're popularity is judged by how many friends you have. It would be quite interesting to read the unwritten rules of Facebook.

Okay, it's 230AM. I'm only awake because Abbey kept barking to use the bathroom only to each grass instead. Will try to sleep now, her barking has ceased. Let's hope for the rest of the night.


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