Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Demi Lovato's Heart Attack.
Consider that a guilty pleasure.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Quite honestly at this very moment, out of curiosity I did some reflecting and imagining of what my life could've been and this was my reaction.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Snapshots: Two-Three Weeks Worth

1/4/2013:Walking around SDSU doing deliveries. 

1/5/2013: Charging a Sonic Screwdriver wiimote

1/7/2013: Picking Michelle up from the airport 

1/8/2013: I organized the teabags in my desk

1/9/2013 A drawing that my co-worker Patricia made of me

1/10/2013: Crows over the parking lot. Scary, serene, but more scary.

1/11/2013: Keriann as she opens her XMAS and Birthday presents.

1/12/2013: True North with Michelle. Liquid Cocaine shots because as payback since she gets that for everybody else's birthday.
Food Trucks off 30th Street in North Park

Birthday Boy, my camera is blurry but he got a birthday cake.

1/17/2013: Outside Grossmont Shopping Plaza for Restaurant Week and date night with my boyfriend.

Monday, January 7, 2013

SOTD: Airports and Pilates

  • I think my Snapshots will be a weekly thing. Seeing how I was unable to do a daily blogpost, I think it might be a better idea to do a weekly photo post. Sneakpeak:

Monday, January 7, 2013: Picking up Michelle from the San Diego International Airport after her trip to AK.
  • I'm freaking sore from the Pilates classes that I've been taking in Little Italy. I've been doing moves that resemble this pose and quite frankly I can't tell if I'm sore from the workout OR if I have terrible posture that is showing it's consequences on my hip joints. I've been sore since Friday, so I'm wondering if after today I'll still be incredibly sore. Today was my break, but I'm really liking that I really got a workout out of this place. I'm thinking of transferring to their College/Mission Valley center when it opens on the 21st. 
  • Realized that one of my good friends is actually 27, several years than what I thought what he really was. I'm a terrible friend. Anywho that lead to figuring out what everybody in the office was and I became quite surprised of the real ages of my co-workers. 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Snapshot of the Day 1-3 and Happiness Boxes

Snapshot Day 1

January 1, 2013: Jon came over on New Years Day and helped me study for my GRE later this month

Snapshot Day 2

January 2, 2013: Brought my brother, sister, and Dad to the SDSU vs. CSU Bakersfield game. Michelle decided to take the photo 394539485702345702384x times. This is me after so many takes.

Snapshot Day 3

January 3, 2013: Point Loma Skyline from the hills of the University of San Diego (USD). Some views are simply breathtaking.

The hall that lead to my GRE Sample Class. This is where in Shinobi the sludge people come out to attack you OR henchmen come out to fight. Take your pick.

Ceiling decorations of privatized institutions. 

  • Took Michelle, Scott, and my Dad to the SDSU vs. CSU Bakersfield game last night.We all had a good time. The benches hurt my butt and I do prefer chairbacks to the benches but we won 72-57 so that's okay. Got some Mexican food for my Mom and that's...pretty much it. Oh and parked in the Faculty Staff Lot :)
  • Went to see Regine at Lestats on Park before she headed back to L.A. Talked a bit more about the interview process for Teach for America and how it will be while in the program. She also got me a purse for XMAS :) 
  • Took a GRE Sample Class at USD. Got the essential lowdown of how the test would be like along with study tips. Feeling a bit better and will probably do some math problems after I'm done blogging. TFA or GRE. oh dear.
  • Started a Happiness Box. It's intentionally supposed to be a jar, but i don't have one so I'm using the box from last years White Elephant from Montezuma. The idea is that you write whatever made you happy and put it in the box. Then you look at it at the end of the year and reflect on the good things that happened. This essentially sounds like a good idea because with all of the stresses that will be coming this year; GRE, applying for Grad Schools, CSETS, applying for TFA, not knowing where I'll be or what I'm doing by July, and not to mention KAMP activities in between all of that. It sounds nice to know that in between all of those hair pulling tasks there are highlights and I feel that I should remember all of those. Especially reflecting on last year, since apparently event wise it feels like there are more downsides to plus sides. 

Monday, December 31, 2012

The REAL 366: Reflecting on 2012

  1. Well were just a clusterfuck werent cha. I spent the majority of this year...busy. I've been taking a break from school...kinda...not really...well I'm not taking a full load. Now I'm getting ready for the next stage of my life. Grad School or something else. I guess I suffered my first post grad disappointment by not getting accepted into going into Korea. It was such a headache and it sucked to learn that it wasn't going to happen for me. I'll try another time, maybe after I get my Masters.
  2. I graduated from COLLEGE! The most underwhelming achievement ever. I worked my ass off, taking summer courses every summer even before college even started! Now here I am with a Bachelors that doesn't really amount to much unless I get a Masters. At least I'm working at a Publishing Company because it's remotely close to what I studied. Now college seems so far off to me now. It seems that the long nights in the library studying and not making friends really seem far off but with the residual effects of a socially awkward person. 
  3. WORKING and somehow in some way maintaining three jobs at the very same time. Also realizing that my time with Montezuma is now drawing to a close. 
  4. FITNESS! Learning about my new dietary concerns and my relationship with fitness that is completely on and off. 
  5. I dont know if I'll do another 366 Blog but I just might do a 366 Photo Blog. Or attempt. and do better math at the same time :)
  6. Maybe the Mayans were right about that December 21st marking a new beginning because there has been so many changes going on in not only mine, but my loved ones lives. I'm going to attempt a new adventure that I'm uncomfortable with not to mention working more at Qualcomm Stadium for the Ticket Office. Jon and Rahmaan are graduating. Jon for his Masters and Rahmaan for is BA. Michelle is working on her Masters and some of my other friends are starting new jobs. 
  7. 2013 Resolutions?
  • Save for Graduate School.
  • Okay, you're eating healthier, now get into the habit of working out and incorporating at least 30 minutes of activity.
That's all. Lehgo!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Five: Songs I Couldn't Help But Like 2012

There is a reason kids to not fall behind in school. Oh really just sweep yourself into every other responsibility in life except for school. So I've been spending this past week catching up with almost eight chapters of readings that I either didn't finish reading or didn't read at all for my first cumulative exam. As an English Grad, there has never really been a cumulative exam. Oy with the poodles already.

Anywho I'm taking time out of catching with Chapter X to post a Five Post I haven't done in awhile


1. Pitbull ft. Neyo - Tonight
I dont think this came out in 2012 but I have been hearing it a lot in the past couple of months.

2. Bruno Mars - Locked Out of Heaven
Congratulations Bruno Mars, you win. I have found a running theme of me initially hating his song and then eventually liking it, with the exception of The Lazy Song. I started really liking this song probably after seeing his performance on SNL and seeing how lively his stage ended up being. 

3. One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful
My old coworker Robyn and I always said that when we first heard this song, we thought "Awwww!" But we are in no way One Directioners esp since I don't even know their names. I just go by hairstyle, esp with my students, "Which one has the messy swoopy haircut?" and then all I hear is squeals and a babel of names. Still don't know the name of the kid with the swoopy haircut.

4. Carly Ray Jepsen - Call Me Maybe
The first 50 times it played, I loved it. The last 1234987934857309845 times, not so much. But it was just that dorky cute I couldn't help but like it.
The video that introduced me to this song

5. Taylor Swift - I Knew You Were Trouble
After hearing "We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together" oh, 1394873495872348 times hearing this one was kinda refreshing with the beat. Especially with the beat, I had to really think about the fact that the person singing was in fact Taylor Swift.