Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Meg & Dia at the Epicentre feat The Spring Standards, Joey Ryan and Little Lamb

Let me tell you a story about the reality that is when I’m around a very attractive man. At the Meg & Dia show last night, one of their openers was this man named Joey Ryan. He called his music “self-deprecating”, but dang did he rock that stage. When he ran his fingers through his long musician hair to get it out of the way, I realized that he was very handsome fella. I had one of those middle school scenarios after that: gasp…is anybody looking (of course not) well I’m going to hide this girlish giggle anyway, kekeke.

At the end of the show and I had my fandom taking pictures with Meg & Dia and their guitarist Carlo (who by the way is freaking cool), I went to the merch table for the other opening acts: The Spring Standard, Little Lamb and Joey Ryan.

When I got to the Joey Ryan table, I just stood there looking at him, swirling my finger on the counter top wanting to ask for a photo but I had to force myself NOT to gawk and say “YOU’RE GORGEOUS!” I started to look down and continued to swirl my finger more furiously on the counter top before I realized that he was just staring back at me…the entire time. So…to stop my awkward gawking, I bought his CD. So that picture at the beginning of this blog is the one I took with him and yes…I walked off giggling like a maniac. I’m so awkward around a really attractive man.

& halfway into his set he told us that he got married. oh well...he is still really handsome.

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