Friday, April 29, 2011

Broken Things

Contrary to that emo sounding title, I'm just recounting my material things that gave up/ceased to continue working/broke in this week alone. Sure things break all the time and there is no need to grieve the end of the use of an inanimate object. But the frequency of which my things broke this week, well, to put it plainly, sucks balls.

Monday: My wallet that I received for my birthday from my friends Charlene and Rahmaan, not only lost it's two buttons used to close the wallet but the interior lining of the pockets/cardholders have long been coming apart and held by safety pins to avoid further tear. However, with the unraveling of the coin purse, it is sad but my wallet, is dunzo. RIP.

Wednesday: Sunglasses are cheap and is probably the easiest to replace. But also the easiest to lose. I have a set that I call the "trooper" pair. Mainly, despite the frequency of which new glasses break OR get lost, somehow those "troopers" are the ones that remain. In March, my sunglasses one of my glasses new temples[?] (I'm unfamiliar with the parts of glasses frames) came off. I was able to replace the screw on the hinge and preserve it's lifetime for a quite a bit more. Not to mention that it's scratched up like hell. However Wednesday was one of San Diego's hotter days and the lens popped out. I've maintained those pairs since my freshman year of college. I'm about to start my senior year as a hand-me-down from my sister. With the popping of the lens, I detect that the imminent retiring of those sunglasses are coming soon and I'm definitely going to need replacements.

Thursday: My car has a cassette player.Obsolete for many people, but I have managed to keep cassettes prominent in my life by using the option to play my mp3 player through a cassette player connecter. Basically attaching my mp3 player to this device the shape of a cassette. Insert into the player and my music will play. This product I've used for well over a year and finally the wires burned out. Right as I pulled into the parking structure at school, I was listening to The Cardigan's Love/Fool as the tape started to skip and eventually stop playing. The day was once again hot and I figured it tampered with the connection. So when i got back to my car at 6 (long day at school), I tried to play my music once again but to no avail my mp3 connecter was officially dunzo.

Those were mainly my key items that I use everyday when I'm out and about doing my thing. I could include my beauty products that officially ran out on me or I'll need to replace sooner than later, but that just sounds completely vain. OMG my body wash is gone. Yeah, I'm not like that at all. It may sound like a big deal, but I'm the type of person that doesn't quickly replace things when they are of no use to me anymore. Unless space permits, I usually keep things hoping that one day that they'll be of use to me again. Strangely, that works a lot with make up. However, earlier this year I was struggling to keep clean clothes as t-shirts that I've been wearing since high school either faded, stained, or got small for me and shoes became worn. It happens over the course of the year so it doesn't appear too daunting, yet in the course of a week, that's a lot of money for me personally to replace them all. Especially when you have yet to earn enough money to replace some of the other things (clothes and shoes) that you haven't replaced yet.

Just had to get that off my chest. I'll buy my new wallet and mp3 connecter over the weekend.

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