Tuesday, January 3, 2012

1: Resolutions

I've never been up for resolutions.  I don't know why, I think it's because I know it'll never work out really. Somehow I can keep up with Lenten Sacrifices way better than New Years Resolutions. Slip on one, you just disappoint yourself. The other? Um...disappoint a higher being. Ouch. Yeah, no wonder why I do Lenten Sacrifices better. 

New Years Resolutions:
1. Lose Weight goal 10 lbs by Graduation in May - As cliche as it sounds, I work out and do so much work during the breaks. But when the semester comes around, being broke and excessive library hours lures the intake of cheap fatty foods and high sugar count. I have a gym membership I don't use. Ouch. Yeah. 10 lbs by the end of May 2012. 

2. Better Organizational Process: Desk - I have a table at home that I just don't use. It's always cluttered with tidbits, books, and papers that I just rip out of my book bag and on my desk. I need to utilize this space better and use it. If I'm going to attempt beauty blogging. I need a table space for image taking and brainstorming. I've spent so much time organizing my wall with calendars and pin boards for notes yet the space itself is not utilized. So File Organize my Table at least once a month and clean my table at least twice a month.  

3. Stop Hoarding Tidbits - I have a problem. I collect business cards that I hope to use and other tidbits that just find their way on my table and in between pages of my books. It's a horrible habit because they accumulate into a pile on my table of "What-The-Hell-To-Do-With-This-Shit?" pile. It's horrible. 

4. Better Organizational Process: Makeup - I have more things than the space that I have and I believe Sterlite drawers and anything I can successfully put things into would be a lot better. 

Alright and I vow that the first of the month will be an update with my Resolution goals. 

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