Monday, January 30, 2012

30: Daddy's Birthday

I slowly opened the door as I always had. Abbey was such a cunning dog, you could swing open the door and she would take the opportunity to run to freedom. We called her a "flight risk" for a reason. I used my leg to cover the lower part of the door in case she popped her nose out, but when I saw the coast was clear I quickly closed the iron gate behind me. Instead of Abbey, my Dad sat before me as he always has playing his Spider Solitaire.
 I knew the words that were going to come out of his mouth "It's One in the morning!" or "Where were you?" his usual spiel on the reasons why a young developing woman such as myself should not stay in the late hours of the night, but before the words could come out,  I slithered in, "HAAAAAAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!" His furrowed brow relaxed and his flat lined lips curved back to life. "Thank you" but within the next couple of seconds he spat out, "Saan ka!?"

I'm always at the library. I never lie about my whereabouts. I'll probably hit up a CVS or Target (my guilty pleasure stores) but nevertheless, I'm surely at a library. I can't concentrate in my house so I always have to leave for the library. Sometimes Jon meets me there, sometimes he doesn't and last night was one of those days.

This is after three hours of straight studying after he got to the library. I was there since 6pm.

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