Sunday, February 5, 2012

36: Public Relations Coordinator

KAMP finally started to establish staff positions for our new structure as an organization. It definitely makes us more grown up as a grassroots organization and it doesn't fail to amaze me with the decisions we're making and the route we're taking order to do such a thing. Sunday, was our very first one-day retreat and despite the fact that I got there late; KAMP started to elect staff members for Executive Director, Sites Coordinator, Curriculum Coordinator, etc. I was elected Public Relations Coordinator! Basically I will be in charge of any marketing ideas and updating our social networking websites. Whenever I'm not in a KAMP meeting, I am updating this website and making sure that it's up to date in the case that anybody checks it and we're not behind. With this new position, I'll gain more responsibility than I already established for myself within KAMP but I'm excited to get started with this new position. aaaand that's what's been up for the last four days. :)

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