Thursday, March 8, 2012

68: Experience Needed

Pete from KAMP e-mailed out a notice that state that he was leaving his position as a Literacy Tutor for 3rd-5th Graders and that his supervisor asked if he could refer to anyone. I replied back with interest. While I do have Montezuma Publishing, I believe that this position would provide hands-on experience with children that I would like to have prior to possibly going to Korea/Japan to teach English. While I do believe that my current overload of units and weird work schedules may hinder getting this position, my friend Felix who also works with Pete, told me that his supervisor is flexible and that he asked about me as well as the other applicant of the position. Immediately I felt intimidated; school work, KAMP, work, and boyfriend can be a bit tough to balance; but I believed in applying to this position as an experience opportunity that might not come often as well as job security since Montezuma's hours are so so so so low. Oh dear dear dear.  Neeeervous.

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