Thursday, April 26, 2012

124: Update because I fail

  • I was asked to join Admin in KAMP. The committee that discusses all of the internal workings. Since I'm now Public Relations Coordinator, it only seems appropriate that I join these meetings and see what I can contribute and put out into the world. Didn't think I would become part of admin...but i am. 
  • Admin hopes I can reach beyond the social networking sites and outreach through other means to promote KAMP. Oy.
  • I wrote a wishlist basically on website updates and fees and it estimated at nearly $300. I almost shit myself. I'm not good with numbers.
  • My Mom went to the Philippines and when I tried to call her there was a painful conversation with her Aunt and my formal tagalog. Either she couldn't hear me or understand me despite trying to speak tagalog. 
  • My Soda Fountain Dress I ordered from Modcloth for graduation came in the other day. It's about four inches below the knee, so it's very very long and I need to purchase some fashion tape, so I can tailor it four inches before graduation. Next I'll need black kitten heels and a brown or red belt for the big day. Oy

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