Sunday, May 27, 2012

151 - 155 Recaps

Tuesday, Day 151: Not only did all of my grades come in, but I received a 2.9, seeing my grades posted up was a huge relief as it finally felt like a chapter of my life was complete. It was also Michael's last day of work since he was leaving for Kansas City, MO to teach High School for the TEACH Program. Also, I went with Keriann to the new Ulta in Point Loma.

Wednesday, Day 152: Such a doozy that day driving literally all over town. First for brunch with Regine having K Sandwiches and then dropping her off at UCSD for work but not before stopping at Sephora at UTC Mall to pick up Michelle's long awaited blush from Buxom called Breathless. I stopped by her work to drop it off and ended up staying for her lunch break to chat. Afterwards heading down to Chula Vista to Sunnyside Library to pick up CBEST/CSET English Prep books only to run into my old Pilipino language teacher, Ginoong Idos. After listening to his contributions into the development of the Pilipino language program in Los Angeles, he proceeded to tell me about him and Ginang Idos antics to maintain their health; for him Tennis and Ginang, yoga.
Ferry Landing, Coronado
Then I drove my butt again but to meet up with Charlene and Angeli in Coronado hanging out in Ferry Landing updating Charlene about Rochelle's Graduation Party and what I was up to ;)

Finally we headed back down to Tooma Park where all the girls met up snacked, played Frisbee, learned how to Long Board, and Rochelle and I picked up our Field Hockey sticks after a long time. Sadly I had to leave and drove all the way back up to Kearny for the KAMP meeting at ANSIR to prep for FilGrad. Doozy Right

Thursday, Day 153: Lazed around for awhile since earlier in the week was just so insane but met up with Jen at 345PM catching up over Happy Hour at El Toritos. After bringing Jen home, I met up with Charlene and Angeli for Angeli's group date at Min Sok Chon...totally karaoking it up. :) Still have a blasted voice from this night but it's okay.

Jen and I after Happy Hour at El Toritos
Angeli being fabulous on the mic

Charlene singing 'Touch My Body' by Mariah Carey

Friday, Day 154: Honestly, I was super tired and kinda broke so I went home and hibernated for 7+ hours. Not to mention a slightly shitty day at work. Michelle also created a tumblr page for abbey. :)

Saturday, Day 155: Have data now on my new iPhone but I'm probably going to minimize the data since I'm not quite ready to afford $30/month.  Prepping for FilGrad, cleaning, and huge Queer Eye for the Straight Guy marathon. Great tips and sometimes the straight guy is actually really attractive underneath all of that...stuff they're hiding under. ;P Also revamping my IMATs list.

Randomly, I saw this on DisneyBound which does Disney related outfits, and I think I can totally pull this look off since I have a dress of denim material already. All that's needed is either brown boots or brown wedges and a yellow cardigan. maybe even a brown bag. ;)

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