Tuesday, August 21, 2012

243: Overview

  • Oy. Sorry about that. Things have been hectic; going back to full time, working out three times a week. People who want to see me. 
  • Saw Keriann on Thursday. Played with makeup, she put makeup on me, had dinner, watched makeup videos and talked about the application to Korea. Can't believe my application is due in a little over two weeks. WHOA!!!
  • Friday, I went to the gym with my Mom. I always fall asleep after coming home with the gym. 
  • Saturday, brought abbey to the shiba meet up in Coronado. Didn't see any shiba meet up but saw two shibas. Abbey ignored every single one of them. She sat in the sand and was afraid of the water. Luckily for herself, everyone thought she was a cute dog sitting by her lonesome. Dragged her in a couple of times and she was not happy for the experience. :P After that, I went to the gym with Rahmaan and Cassandra at 24hr on a free 3-day pass where we stayed for over two hours making me use machines and barbells. Also went to the Yogurt Mill as a Thank You for driving. 

Don't be fooled. She hates the water
  • Was domestic on Sunday: cooked eggs for breakfast, washed my car, put away my laundry, made salmon for dinner and cooked rice. Didn't get to go to the gym with rahmaan and see regina. :( But I was pretty damn domestic.
  • Work was slow yesterday. But I got a chance to look into my online classes that started. They relatively have the same content but different aims: one is for overall health and wellness. The other incorporates the lesson of overall health and wellness and incorporates it into understanding of health laws in the state of california. 
  • All-day Date with Jon today. :) We haven't seen in each other since Wednesday and haven't had a lot of time to talk since I pass out after I go to the gym...and that's when he calls. >_<

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