Sunday, September 9, 2012


  • Today would've been my Lola's 92nd Birthday. I still think about her a lot and I'm still able to have a good cry when I think about her and how much has changed since she left. Michelle, Scott, and I had a shot for her. Anywho, Happy Grandparent's Day :)
  • Everytime I log onto this blog, I squeeze my eyes just to see how far I am behind on blogging. I'm four days behind. But that goes to show how EXHAUSTED I am when it comes to full time work and just wanting to sleep. 
  • So my car went into the shop on Wednesday. Sadly, Autoport couldn't detect the issues that were leading to my Check Engine light being on so they had to direct us to a dealership. The dealership found that the not only were the  four coils (which autoport did detect were an issue, but just one) were an issue including the catalytic converter was burning out. This brought up to over $1500, then the guy calls me the next day that he fucked up on the price since he only told me the price of one coil instead of all four and it turned out to be $2000. OMG! I know that I should get ready to make another savings for another car. 
  • Since I started working two jobs during the week and Jon with his work and Grad school, we haven't seen much of each other lately. Luckily Jon visited me after my second attempt at the CBEST yesterday. We had Boudin's and he dropped me off at the Fashion Valley Transit Center so I could catch the trolley to Qualcomm. 
  • FITNESS UPDATE: In between the test and seeing Jon, I was able to stop by the ARC and worked out for over an hour and saw that I was down several more pounds. Making that since I started this weight loss journey I've lost 10lbs. :) But don't worry about Boudins, I had a Mediterranean salad. 
  • JAM OF THE DAY - Jimmy Durante's As Time Goes By

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