Monday, September 17, 2012


  • The Check Engine issue has been resolved, but now has another issue. The Brake, Airbag, and Battery light has now appeared while driving and resulted in my car stopping while trying to exit Qualcomm Stadium on Saturday. So...the car is back to being out of use and riding with my Mom to her work and taking the trolley to SDSU and Qualcomm Stadium. 
  • Ended up missing the KAMP Retreat :(
  • Working at the Aztec Ticket Office has allowed me to jumping back into reading. Finally finished The Bluest Eye, and finally started Atonement after sitting on my bookshelf for like...five years. Details were so flowery, I got tired of reading of it and couldn't push myself to read anymore. I almost fell asleep on the job. Going to start America is in the Heart instead. 

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