Tuesday, October 2, 2012

293: Korean Application update

293 eh? I know I totally missed a week but last week wasn't anything but a whirlwind. It was a nice, week off from selling tickets but really a time for me to scramble around chasing someone who does livescans and getting my shit together for applying to Korvia. Most of the time spent was dedicated to trying to figure out the FBI Background Check and consolidate that what I had found was what my consultant Jean needed from me. Then there was an issue with my fingerprints that I hope goes through well since I did them myself in order to avoid spending too much. I sent that in on Saturday and put a tracking number on it. Even though I can't rush the FBI with the process, I'd rather just know they have it to say the least. Had to get my degree copied and notarized as well. The next step for me really is to have my degree apostillized (Legalization is a formal procedure used to attain legal force for a document (education diploma, certificate, license, etc) in the territory of another Country. The procedure is used to certify authenticity of signature and authority of a person who has signed such document and, if required, authenticity of seal or stamp attached to such document. The ultimate purpose of the Apostille in the USA is submission of document to authorities of another Country.) not apostle as everyone who's been asking me seems to think I'm doing. This process alone is the most expensive of this entire process. Apparently apostillization costs $125 alone. Trying to alleviate costs by finding a cheaper solution. But that was seriously last week for me. Running here, running there, trying to get this and trying to get that.  

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