Wednesday, October 3, 2012


JAM OF THE DAY - Dia Frampton's Daniel

  • KAMP Educational Discussion tonight which had Jon and myself pitted against each other in the battle of Philippine History. Utterly lost with Jon knowing the meaning of the Filipino KKK. I seriously cannot remember that.
  • Full day at Qualcomm, stamped and shoved envelopes. Sold to a group of 131. Feeling the stress of locating undesired overhang seats when our customers are only seeking to watch the sky show. 
  • KAMP's Benefit Relief show tomorrow.
  • read the new pixiwoo magazine and considering some lens attachments for my iphone...and when I have money
  • Just finished some KAMP stuff on the website and I"m scrambling to submit this post before midnight.
  • sleepy and behind.

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