Monday, November 19, 2012

Unexpected News and Yet More News

  • Since somewhere down the line I extremely miscounted, I'll just stop counting. But this post will still be labelled under my 366 posts. 
  • I learned that a little over a week ago, my long time neighbor Charles had passed away. He has lived near me for all of my life. A little over ten years ago, he started spending time with his girlfriend who lived in El Cajon, but within the past month I had learned that his children were trying to force him into a retirement home. This is where the differences of our cultural upbringings got the best of me and I wondered how could people do that to their own father. They even gave Charles housekeeper and wife two weeks to get out of the house and find work elsewhere. It has really been quite a shock, but the humdinger of it all is that his children had had him cremated without anybody knowing anything. Although Charles and I were only on salutations basis, he is someone that I had come to respect in my neighborhood. I thought he was exceptional that at his age he had a girlfriend that he went dancing with. I'll miss Julio, Conception, and their dog Lily. Julio has helped around our house and fixed things when he needed help. He even checked out my car and said that my battery's alternator needed to be replaced. I'll miss hearing Conception's voice when you know that Julio had gon fucked up. These are just changes in life that I have no choice but to watch unravel before my eyes and through the gossip. RIP Charles. 
  • I am now working three jobs. How did that happen? But either way I need to figure out a way to balance it all and cut out what isn't necessary. I know which one I'll eventually have to phase out,  but I'll have to cut some things out of my life. 

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