Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Rant of Why I Don't Study at home

  1. People ALWAYS come in and out of my room. While this problem could be remedied by simply locking you all out, forbidding you from coming in, there is just one thing, I SHARE THE ROOM. Therefore, there will never ever be enough time or availability for privacy when someone needs that room as well. 
  2. Since you tend to use the phone for six hours at the top of your lungs so that the entire San Diego can hear you, or you get into an argument that requires your voice raised so that the neighborhood can hear you, could you keep it down for the equivalent time that I study? I tend to study hard...like six hours?
  3. NO COFFEE! No excuses, you threw away my $80 coffee maker that  I received for a present. There isn't a replacement, you never purchased one as you promised, so I will remain going to Starbucks since there isn't a machine here that i can use. 
  4. More work is done outside than not leaving the house. Especially in an objective environment like a library.
  5. The library is 24/7!
  6. My grades got better after I started going to do work outside. 
  7. You can't do work in a place associate with eating, sleep, or relaxation.
  8. l end up searching for food in the kitchen, relax while doing work in the living room, or sleep in the bedroom. 
  9. It never worked and never will.
So stop being selfish and stop calling me to come home and study here in this hostile working environment. Let me try to study as you yell at me to put away the dishes. 

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