Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Genius Who Slipped Down the Stairs

So last Friday, I sprained my ankle. I slipped down the stairs after class. I'm not completely sure HOW I slipped, but I did and now and I have to wear an ankle boot for approximately 4 - 6 weeks (month and a half). I honestly think that my shoes were still a bit wet since it there was a drizzle on the heavier side that morning. But the official story: I spartan kicked a bear.
At my birthday luncheon this past Sunday, everybody was contributing a story: chased Nate Kaeding down the stairs, spartan kicked a vending machine, wrestled a bear and slipped on some moss, etc. All were nice stories to try, but in the end for those that really know me, I don't know who Nate Kaeding is. I was told he's a kicker for the San Diego Chargers BUT to me personally, Nate Kaeding is just a name. So...spartan kicking a bear it is.

It's been a week now since I've sprained my ankle and I can definitely say one thing I've come to learn about myself: I don't like appearing helpless. Stairs are more of an inconvenience to me and I still do things I normally would. The only difference is that I have to wear my ankle boot afterwards OR during. I know this trait can be a vice OR it can appear admirable. I feel a bit rude that I'm rejecting some peoples offers to help. Yet at the same time, I don't want to be treated as if it's not my ankle I sprained but my capability to do anything. It's a conflicting thought. Should I appear helpless OR should I appear well off.

To those of my friends that I have rejected your kind offers, I know you're just being helpful and you might not think I was being rude. But I felt like I was being rude. Whether it was pre-sprained ankle or post-sprained ankle, please understand, I'm not doing it to be rude but I don't want to appear dependent and over reliant. I'll ask help when I feel it's necessary (not to mention when I get the courage to ask) so please if you find it a vice please understand.

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