Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sometimes K-Pop is jush meh

Before I rant, I would like to say that I listen to K-Pop. I do like it. I listen to 8eight, 4minute, 2AM, 2NE1, F(x) and some other groups.

There's something about the Korean Music market. Maybe it's the incorporation of English words into their lyrics, recruiting Korean-American, Chinese/Americans, Thai and people of other ethnicity's. Quite possibly. If there is one thing that turns me off to this whole market, it's the fans. The whole issue with Jay Park and 2PM, issues about who has had surgery or not and even who is in a relationship with who, but back to that later.
I surf this K-Pop sites, just so I can get new music. Who is releasing a new album, new song, etc. But with all entertainment industries there are posts about who is expecting.

So the other day, this guy from the SM Entertainment's boy group, SHINee, revealed that he has a girlfriend. Now, in America, we've had some big news couples like Angelina and Brad Pitt, etc.

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