Monday, December 27, 2010

How Are My Winter Break Plans Going?

[Posted November 5, 2010]

Winter Plans

Winter Break is wells way off. A little over a month actually, but hey, it's not like I started the timer for when Winter Break begins. So although November just started I do have an idea what I hope to accomplish

[ ] Complete one - two books
[ ] Everyday Filipino!
[ ] Second Edition of the KAMPus!
[ ] Practice Korean
[ ] Never stop the job hunt.

[As of 12/27/2010]

[ ] Complete one - two books
- I'm currently reading Stephen King's On Writing. I bought it so that I could read it on the trolley rides home but never finished it. I am determined to put that book to rest.
[ ] Everyday Filipino!
Dear Gosh, I have not even touched it since Spring Semester. But that is because working on a screenplay while taking a Language class was just not working out. I'm always surprised how quickly a screenplay which I didn't think much for as a Midterm would turn into such a nightmare. But planning on picking it up when after the KAMPus is completed. See below for details.
[ ] Second Edition of the KAMPus!
HUFFAH! Now that I am working on. Seriously. Stories have been distributed. I have reminded my writers of the due date, and all there is to just wait. Hope they get turned in. Complete my stories. Produce all by the secret distribution date. WAAHAA!
[ ] Practicing Korean
[x] Never stop the job hunt. YAY! ONE DOWN/ FOUR MORE YET TO BE COMPLETED!

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