Monday, January 17, 2011

Migraine Dresses

In the upcoming months, I'll be attending several events that require dresses. One of which will have to be a ball dress, another formal wedding attire and the others just simple dresses. I can bitch and whine about the standard of beauty and that I'll need to comply in order to fit into a dress. This means, exercise. I believe I'm pretty good with portioning my food and watching what I eat now. I'll need to fend off the goodies which will cause me to stray from this "diet" but of all things, I just don't exercise. My first goal will be 10 lbs. We'll see from there.

Goal Month: March for Pete's Wedding and May for FilGrad.
The Gala is TBD but that will cause me to maintain my "diet-of-some-sort" thang.


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