Thursday, February 17, 2011

Migraine Dresses Pt. II

I rummaged through my closet last night and found the dresses that I had accumulated over the years. Too bad that in those past couple of years, those dresses had lacked purpose. Most which were for high school dances, debuts (18th Birthday parties), and baptisms. Not to mention that my body has fluctuated in size and styles have changed and well...those dresses just don't fit me like they used to. Either that OR they just don't fit the occasion, which blows.

Luckily, I finally found a dress for Pete and Cara's Wedding next month. It's on LOCK! I love it. $30 down. The only thing left over for that dress is the accessories to match it with; shoes, cardigan etc.

OH man, another thing to add to the growing list of "Need To Buy", my friend Huli is having a cocktail dinner for her 21st birthday. She sent out an email entailing that the theme of the dinner, is 'classy'. In my head means, more clothes I just don't have. I'm considering wearing my black tights that I purchased for my Valentine's Day date with Jon but the whole outfit itself is no where in site.

So this leads me to two things, bargain shopping and thrifting.

Bargain Shopping. I'm always up for that. Especially when I manage to get my butt out of my computer chair and do the shopping itself. My particular favorite is Ross. Luckily this Friday, my friend Jen who goes to UCSB, is coming back down for the weekend and we're hitting up the Ulta in La Jolla. There's a Ross and a Marshall's in the same plaza so I'll get my chance to look around for some shoes (in desperate need of new flats like PRONTO) and get some 'classy' outfit ideas (for the unfashionable me).

Thrift Shopping. With my limited funds, the only purchases that are worth all this complaining is in the name of this blog itself, Migraine Dresses. I've gone thrifting with some friends before and they've found some pretty neat dresses. My main goal for the Thrift Shopping, are dresses. I'm not going to put the stakes too high especially since it is a thrift store BUT I just may find the dresses I'll need for the semi-formal and casual wear events. Maybe find some boots while I'm at it, another long awaited 'Need To buy'.

Deadlines, Huli's thing is next Saturday and I still have some time until Pete and Cara's Wedding in March. I think that after June, my need to shop will finally be at ease and I can just lay in bed and not worry about if I'm accumulating enough dollar signs to fund more dresses.

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