Sunday, February 27, 2011

Quasi-Makeup Blog

Just checking in since I haven't written for several days. Funny how in the last several days after my last post, I've managed to purchase two more dresses. Both originally intended for FilGrad 2011, one a gray and pink floral summer dress with v-neckline with ruffles along it and a silver blue button down dress with a boat neck and drawstrings to tighten the waist. I've just realized that I would need to post a photo of myself wearing the dress or OF the dress to have you understand fully what I mean. But I am neither a beauty OR fashion blog...but it's the truth. I've considered actually posting makeup blogs but I'm not good at explaining how I feel about a product into words, when I can just say "It just didn't work for me." Simple as that.

Now that I've started that this will become a quasi-makeup entry. When it comes to makeup, I've relaxed a lot when it comes to eye shadows. I have numerous palettes "Urban Decay Book of Shadows: Alice in Wonderland", "Urban Decay Book of Shadows III: NYC", Stila's Presciption Palette and Too Faced's "Neutral Palette" and some more. However, I've realized my true makeup obsessions, Blush and Lip Products. I've always like lipsticks, lip glosses and lip balms but I can't seem to stop buying them. With Blushes, I always have to convince myself to put it down, it's what I find myself drawn to. Recent purchases: NARS "Deep Throat", NYX Rouge Creme Blush "Natural", Revlon's "Perfectly Peach" and before that NYX "Angel". I'm currently trying to find space to fit all of my blushes and lipglosses but inevitably, I'll need to find the lipgloss's cheaper and I'm more likely to need that first (i.e. need to purchase more lip balms, EOS and Burts Bees tends to disappear more. )
Great now I want to do a default eyeshadow blog. Here we go.

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