Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Poetry Assignment: Balloon Friend

Haven't posted a poem in awhile so here's a poem that I wrote for class.

Assignment: Write a poem about Balloons without using the "to be" verbs: is, am, are, was, were.

Balloon Friend

A strong breeze swept through
taking her new orb-shaped friend with it.
The ribbon slithered through her fingers,
in shock she watched as the lifeless string sashayed into the wind.
The little girl threw her arms into the sky
crying for her new friend to return.
Yet the balloon kept ascending into the atmosphere
despite her tearful pleas.
The last lights of day exposed the orbs trued candy apple red.
While the flirting breeze twirled her friend around
The fading light provided a natural spotlight
while the balloon danced to-and-fro into the breeze.
Reluctant tears masked the young girls eyes
watching her balloon friend become a tiny red dot in the sky.

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