Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pending Graduation: She's scared shitless.


I've noticed that my list of Major requirements had gotten a lot shorter over the weekend. Sure, it still has a lot of cross off, but dividing it up into semesters and the typical amount of units I take during a semester, that would make it. Wait! That's not right, is it? Three full semesters. How did it, when did it? No that can't be, I'll make it four semesters. That must be it. I'll graduate Spring 2013? Five years is typical.

Today, I made the long awaited trip to the Advising Office on campus. It's week three of the semester and the advising office has calmed down. The next available adviser seats me down and asks me what my questions were.

Will I graduate sometime next Fall? When will I have to start applying for graduation?

She rummaged through my Degree Evaluations and crossed off the classes I'm taking now so they wouldn't be confused with what needs to be done next. After showing me her math, she says..."Summer 2012 at the earliest."

Now assuming from the adviser's reaction to my reaction, students should typically be happy? A sigh of relief that their x amount of years working toward a degree has paid off. Me...I'm scared SHITLESS.

Did I just stroll through the last two and a half years in college? After academic probation, have I literally launched myself into the position where worrying about passing the semester is long ways behind me and my new worries are preparing myself for Post Grad life.

Mind Scheme:
Scared but excited, relieved but stressed. How in the world was I walking with a skip in my step, a smile in my mind but anxiety filled my mind. Trust me, did I work hard to launch myself into a job market so poor? I walked out thinking: shit look for a job. oh yeah an internship of some sort too. Grad school...calm down on that. Take a year to evaluate on your game plan to tackle this post grad life. You're going to be a grown up. You don't feel like a grown up, but you will be. Big kid stuff. Really. HOLY SHIIIIT!

My mind is reeling with this new reality. But it looks like I'll be done with college by Fall 2012.
I know that I'm going to make some real big kid changes soon.

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