Sunday, March 6, 2011

11 Most Reached For Makeup Products

1. Ulta's Sable Eyeshadow - I use this neutral brown to blend out any harsh lines, especially if I'm using a darker/bright color. When I'm on the go and I need a quick fix eyeshadow, Sable.
2. Clinique's Lash Doubling Mascara - I purchased this product a couple of weeks ago but I've found that it's the best lash thickening mascara I used so far.
3. NYX's Eyebrow Cake Powder in ECP5 Brunette - One, I've already hit pan on the wax; Two, I use the lighter brown eyebrow powder for my brows itself; Three, the darker brown is not left unused, whenever I alternate between black and brown eyeliner, I use that brown to set in the dark brown liner.
4. Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm - Holy Grail. 'Nuff said.
5. NYX Retractable Lip Pencil in Natural - default lip liner pencil for whatever color I used except Red.
6. Too Faced Glamor Gloss in Sex Pot - Whenever my eye look is nude and my face is done, I don't want to wash myself out with more nude glosses. The application is more sheer but the pink is enough for that pop effect. Love it. Absolutely love it.
7. NARS Deep Throat - I've purchased that blush back in November and I have used it almost everyday since then. It doesn't look like its been put to much use but dang it, this one is probably one of the more reached product on this list.
8. Rimmel London's Fix & Perfect Foundation Primer in 001 - goes on creamy, smooth and beige. Nicely blends into the skin. Find myself reaching for it over and over again.
9. L'Oreal True Match Liquid Foundation in n5 True Beige - My everyday foundation look, mix it with moisturizer for that quick Tinted Moisturizer affect. Inexpensive Drugs tore Foundation.
10. L'Oreal True Match Powder in n5 True Beige - Probably cheating, but if it aint broke don't fix it. When the whether is too hot for liquid foundation, I simply apply the foundation form and it works perfectly fine.
|11. Palladio Rice Powder in RPO3 Natural - Loose powder, but I always use this powder to set in my liquid foundation/tinted moisturizer.

Got this from watching laurenisokay on youtube. I would've done a video response, but I'm not much of a video person, so I blogged it out.

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