Friday, March 25, 2011

Senior Year & Post Grad Plans

My friend Jen and I discussed our plans for the futuretoday. The threshold to "adulthood" is just around the corner and the daunting reality of facing the "real world" has really really given us a new perspective on our lives. We wrote down in a list of certain goals/aims we knew needed to be completed or attempted during our Senior Year of College. Can you believe it? A little over two years ago I finished high school and became a College Freshman, now I'll be a Senior soon. More bittersweet then the realization of becoming a High School Senior. Then again, I don't miss high school. The past two and a half years were filled with more experiences and lessons learned, high school feels like it was a messed up notch on a stick.

Me and Jen's pending graduations are in Fall '12. We've both decided to take a year off so we can prepare for Graduate School and any tests that may need to be completed. We'll both study for the GRE (what Jon calls the SAT's on crack) as well as our respective tests for our future careers; MCATs for Jen and the CBEST for me.

The list contains what we'll try to complete and wish for in the next two-three years of our lives; our Senior Year, our year off and Graduate School. There is no doubt that I may not be able to complete all or most of the items in this list in less than two-three years. But hey, I hope that when I look at this list post graduation Graduate School and I've been teaching for several months; I can reminisce on being ambitious and I can give advice to my students to just relax and remember that hard work really does pay off. Some plans may no go through but you don't have to to prove to yourself that you can do anything. Anything really does goes and put you just need to roll with the punches and work with what you've got.

Senior Year Goals
-Look for a Publishing internship
-Save money for Graduation fees/Grad School app fees
-Work extra hours at the Aztec Ticket Office
-Summer School/London Study Abroad Internship/Study in London
-Teach at a site in KAMP (probably Challenger since it's the closest)
-Work to get Bell Middle as a site for KAMP. (aka make up for this year of inactivity)

Post Graduation Aims
- Apply for Grad Schools
- Study and Take the GRE/CBEST
- School: Linguistics/Child Development classes (boost GPA)
- BACKUP IDEA: TEFL Credential?
- Still look for an internship or sit in on Mr. Labrador and/or Ms. Banuelos' classes.

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