Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring Wedding & No Picture of my dress

Pete and Cara's wedding is over. Can you believe it? I feels like he just proposed to her the other day and the next they asked me to help out. Sadly enough, the former was during the Summer and the latter was during Erwin's Birthday in December. Really and it's March? Still in awe. The wedding was gorgeous. I know that when Centro puts on a nice event i.e. last years FilGrad, it looked really really nice. Pete & Cara's is probably the nicest event I've witnessed in Centro.
For Pete's love of reggae, I wasn't too surprised that it was that genre for their first dance. However, the fact that they chose Bob Marley and Lauryn Hill's "Turn Your Lights Down Low" was just amazing and perfect for the occasion, especially considering both of their tastes. (insert a girly giggle) What else was there not to like about their wedding: Ben and Jerrys, like; open bar, like; photo booth by our friends Lily and John's photography company, ZeroImage, LIKE; atmosphere, oh you could totally feel the love. As you can tell, I wasn't faking it when I said I had a blast. Despite the downpour by the end of the wedding, the rain didn't get in the way of Jon and my wonderful night. Watching two of our good friends get married. It was simply, amazing.

Now the accolades for Pete & Cara's wedding has been said, I'll now rant about my stupidity. I blogged so much about stressing over dresses that I failed to take a photo of myself in the dress during the wedding. So I just took a pic from my friend Rhona who took the best picture of me with most of my dress. I'm glad I got a lot of complements (Thank You Brooke and her co-worker at H&M for helping with my dress choice.)

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