Sunday, May 29, 2011

So it's been a pretty good while since I've actually been on my BlogSpot. There's been a lot of things Finals are over; have to retake LING 420 but that's alright and this was probably one of my better semesters (believe it or not). Not long after Finals finished (like six days) Summer Session at school began. Right? So much of a summer. Anyways I decided to take one class for this first session: ANTH 360: Intro to Forensic Anthropology. My love of Bones is hopefully going to get me through this class. We're already on Chapter 2 about the Osteology and Odontology aka parts of the skeleton. Eesh.

Aside from school there was KAMP's end of the school year bash for our students, 3rd Annual FilGrad. All I can really say, went smoother than last year. 12 students came which was hard to keep track of and um...yeah. I joined decorations this year so I was running around Mission Valley with Trish looking for centerpiece ideas and working on the Art Gallery. It was a lot but after the event I just wanted to go home and I did last year :P

Last night was KAMP's very own Amanda and Drew's wedding. Can I say gorgeous! The ceremony was at the Immaculata, the chapel on the University of San Diego's campus and then the reception was at the Darlington House in La Jolla. I know that Amanda and Drew have been planning this wedding for the longest time now and all of their hard efforts, Amanda's blogs and tweets about wedding stuff really worked out. But I know it's been big year for them, Drew began an internship and Amanda got her Ph.D. Anywho, congratulations to the happy bride and groom. Last night was a blast. :)

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