Sunday, May 29, 2011

Makeup and Children

Since school has been out, I've been watching a lot of YouTube videos in my free time. I am an active viewer of YouTube's makeup community. That's really how I got into makeup really. My sister would play them in the background, at that time she was really into Kandee Johnson and Michelle Phan. Now we've both fallen in love with the Pixiwoo sisters and Michelle adores Emily Noel and all that she recommends. With all of that going on in the background I became curious and started watching Sirvinya, when she still did tutorials, and BubzBeauty, when she still lived in Ireland and making Korean Drama Spoofs. Since then I've grown to adamantly watch jazziebabycakes (love her voice), xteeener (for similar eye shapes), JessicaHarlowe and the lesser known laurenisokay and MasqueradeMakeup. (I still watch Bubz and Sirvinya)

After awhile of watching the same ol people I started to look for more makeup people to check out. What I mostly look for when it comes to watching somebody on YouTube is somebody I won't mind waiting for their new post AND somebody with the potential that I won't get tired of their posts. People like Michelle Phan and QueenBeeuty have fallen off my Subscription lists not because of their artistic talent but for their lack to hold me as a viewer. There will be a question as to how Michelle Phan got off my Subscription list since she's the most popular and widely known, but one of the bigger things that turned me off was how she spoke about certain ways she did things. Don't get me wrong there are several Guru's out there who speak in this "i-know-what-i'm-talking-about-and-if-you-don't-listen-to-me-well-you're-kinda-dumb" a good couple of people I'm subscribed to right now come to mind as well. But Michelle Phan's was the first one that really got to me and lead to the unsubscribe button. I think it was a brush cleaning video where she said that while there are other videos out there teaching you how to clean brushes, hers is the one you should listen to because she went to art school and that's how they taught it. That to me was enough to unsubscribe.
As for Queen Beeuty, when it comes to makeup videos I look for tutorials and some artists just stick to hauls, reviews and outfits of the day (OOTD) while I respect it, it's not what I'm looking for most of the time. Queen Beeuty at the time talked a lot about Lush products. The nearest Lush to where I live is in LA and that's a good 3 - 4hrs away. So it was hard for me to make a connection when most of her videos were about products I had no way of getting a hold of. So I unsubscribed.

So why does the title include children? Well, I've currently started watching aleexandraaxo and meganheartsmakeup. Both of them are still in high school and it's understandable for girls at those ages interested in fashion, hair and makeup. I wasn't one of them when I was 15 but I was really balm? Well that's another story. When I started to wonder about how the funds to accumulate brands like Nars, Makeup Forever and MAC brushes (I can hardly afford those myself), I started to wonder about my kids. That's how this blog began.

What if my daughter wants to put on makeup?
Well...oh my freaking GOD. I was almost 19 when I started wearing makeup and I never asked my Mom to purchase any of it. Mostly due to the fact that she's already saying expensive to $6 Almay Eye Makeup Remover, wait until she finds out that I spent $16-$18 concealer from MAC and I've purchased two Urban Decay palettes (Alice in Wonderland and the Naked Palette) both approximately $50. She doesn't need to know those things. I think I'd want my child to start off with Drugstore, essentially right? Cheaper the better. Hopefully she'll be starting into high school around this time. If she's in middle school, I'll allow mascara and lip balm/gloss. Things to just get her by and quickly touch up. But if she's in high school and wants to appear a little bit more put together, I'll allow a bit more makeup for her when Gym is no longer a requirement for her. Mostly due to the fact that due to gym, exercising with makeup is a very questionable concept. So I would want her to be able to take off those things, prep for gym, and when class is over she can just swipe her mascara and lip gloss/balm on. But when gym is no longer a requirement, then she'll need some longer lasting makeup. As long as it's Drugstore and affordable I'll be good. But we'll need to budget on some of the things I'm purchasing for her.

What if my daughter wants expensive makeup?
I would say, um...child no more than $30. I don't buy more than that, you don't buy more than that. You want it, you buy it. I guess I'll say for good quality must have products like eye shadow primer and concealer, probably. But if my child wanted a MAC's Fluidline Eyeliner or Benefit's Moon Beam highlighter, I'd make it a special occasion thing like a birthday or school formal.

Purchasing good quality makeup on my budget is really hard. So hard that I haven't purchases makeup in a while. I'm really trying hard to work with what I have without being curious for other beauty products. Any really big purchase is going to have to wait for awhile, I've been waiting on the BH Cosmetic's Color Matte 88 Palette for the longest only to make sure I have purchased what I have honestly needed and I have enough money for backup. Otherwise, I'd be beyond broke at the moment.

All-in-all, my philosophy when it comes to my child: no more than $30 for makeup. These better be for special occasions otherwise, you want it you buy it.

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