Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I'm trying to remind myself to be grateful of what I have in life, not the materialistic things but the substantial people in my life who matter like family and friends.

My family, although we have our odd relationships I know that I can turn to them during those iffy times in my life to make me feel better. I'm thankful for the life they have provided me, the support they've given from the sidelines to allow me to study what I want (with minimal suggestions to another career path). Despite finance and that I'm the baby they'll never let go, they have provided all that I'll ever really need in life and that's a lesson I'll try to pass onto my children. Less may not substantially mean more, but for the things in life, with less you learn to work harder to your goals. With less, you learn alternative solutions that those who have everything may not ever come in contact with until they face it.

I'm thankful for my friends who have entirely inspired this post. I looked at my schedule yesterday and realized that most of this week and next somebody wants to see me. As of this week, most of the girls on Monday, Jon later today, Jen/Hanna on Thursday, KAMP wants to bowl on Friday and Saturday I'm with Regine. Aside from them, there are people who want to see me this week too but others have simply beat them too it. I'm not here to gloat about my popularity this week but I realized that I shouldn't feel alone. Due to my constantly busy schedule, especially during the school year hanging out with my friends is sparse. I haven't had that true lonely feeling since Jon and I got together but when it comes to my friends it's another story. Friends can be hard to maintain like a relationship. Sometimes one of them may feel as if they're losing time with you because there is somebody else in your life. I know, I've felt that way tons of times with my other friends. Also, when my busy schedule gets the best of me that I have to turn down hanging out with my friends or end up seeing their photos on the internet of an event they went to and assumed I was busy, it really just sucks and very isolating at the same time. But at a week like this, I'm grateful for all of my friends. I know that down the line one of them will say, "Hey, I haven't seen you in months, you better clear up your next Friday after work because it'll be just us." If I ever do say that I feel alone again, I'm just being selfish. I'm thank for them, all of them.

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