Monday, November 7, 2011

Six Months

Let's put this into perspective. I have six months. Six months until I graduate. Six months until I'm thrust upon the world that's expecting me to be a contributing member of society. Six months until I'm no longer qualified under my Dad's Navy Benefits and I'll need to prove financial stability. Six months.

But as of this moment; I'm broke, I'm living with my parents, and I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do as a post-grad. I'm throwing out teach abroad, which I intend to do. I'm also throwing out grad school, publishing jobs, and becoming a teacher in the mix as well but...I'm not entirely sure which one I'm going to do.

I'm working at the Ticket Office again for Football Season and there are two more games left in the contract. Montezuma has reduced my hours to seven hours a week and I'm barely scraping by. I'm trying to have some financial security but I'm depending on my parents where my two places of employment lacks. Today, I filled out several job applications for a potential third job and it will be a ray of hope for me to get them. I'm yearning for Winter Vacation to start so I can return to Full Time.

Graduation is fucking expensive and I have six months to save up for something I might not be able to afford in six months.

Not to mention, I'm introducing my boyfriend to my parents in six months. Eesh.

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