Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What I Learned About Being Back on Facebook

Honest to God, I'm annoyed with certain peoples inundating be about conversations they had. Uninteresting things they've seen with this person, this person, and this person. Best of all, they're scrolling on the right side of my screen like a tick. It's...really annoying. I haven't been signed back into my Facebook for an hour and I already received three notifications to play Words With Friends. I...took those challenges, which in turn leads me to have to sign in on FB everyday to see what my opponents have responded.

When I tried to get back on FB several weeks ago, I was met with series of scrolling images, pop ups, and rather annoying welcome back messages from people I realized I had no idea why I was friends with them. Most of that reason relies on the fact that took me an hour to remember who some of those certain people were that I just deactivated and said to figure it out later.

I reactivated it last night. After my Shakespeare performance was over, my brain felt like it melted and I needed something I reactivated my Facebook and tried again.

This is what I learned:
1. Some people finally changed their profile pictures. Some of those people have had the same picture since we first started being BF friends over three years ago. Seriously guys, FINALLY.

2. Some people have returned to their previously unhealthy relationships. When I mean some, I mean...several few. Their profile pictures were of them smiling next to their previous partner whom they had claimed "cheated on them" or just plain ol treated them badly. [/_______\]

3. Some people are in relationships with certain people I'm kinda scratching myself over. Congratulations you two but...I never thought I say I would be seeing you two together.

4. What is the use of those damn notifications when there is that damn scroll thing. I can just look over there if I want. Stop with those notifications. Ugh.

That's all.

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