Monday, December 12, 2011

Behind-The-Scenes kinda Gal

Maybe I'm just lazy. Maybe I'm taking the easy way out. Maybe I'm shy. Maybe I'm socially awkward. Maybe I have low self esteem. Maybe I just like being behind the camera, the computer, and wherever the action is. Maybe I just like contributing what I can to the cause and enjoy and revel in our contributed hard work play out. I'm not an actor, nor do I want to be an actor. Sure, if I was famous and everything. But when I was in middle school, I was part of the tech crew in Drama Club. I was Stage Manager of a musical in high school, and I was Goalie in my Varsity Field Hock Team. I'm part of the action, but not the primary focus of it. I started this beauty blog and all I post are reviews; products, tags, favorites, and hauls. However,  I know that I could expand that page with video tutorials. I am a member of the website Beautylish, where those interested in makeup could post reviews, post videos, and can discuss makeup. The most tempting part of being part of that network AND post blogs is making the videos. But after avidly watching makeup videos for over two years I realized that a lot of work comes with producing a video.

1) Plan it out - Have what you will need placed before you. It will look like a mess, but it will help the recording process go smoother.

2) Have great lighting - what may be acceptable lighting to me, may not be for me. Viewers will note that in their comments. They notice everything.

3) Have a good quality camera - Viewers just simply want to know what you're doing and not squint and guess. *I only have a Kodak Easy Share and it's not good for recording videos at all.

4) Produce high quality swatches - they want to see how the color looks like on the skin compared to have the product looks in the container.

5) Have video editing capability - I have watched numerous videos where they have said that editing can take up to 8-12 hours.

6) Have THICK SKIN - be ready for any criticism that may come your way.

4/5 of these things are what I DONT have. Great lighting *it's yellow over here; Good Camera *again Kodak Easy Share; High Quality Swatches * again Kodak EASY SHARE; Video Editing * I may have iMovie now but I definitely don't have that time; and Thick Skin, * I  just don't.

I guess that's what's easy being behind the scenes and typing up reviews and hauls. I just tell you what I think. That's all. Besides, you want to look presentable in front of a camera; clean your recording area, Prep Your Face/Foundation; etc. It's hard when you have over a billion people who have access to your video just to judge.

I'm working on a camera for the high quality video aspect but that may be around Spring in order to happen. But for now, I just like typing up review. I just do.

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