Monday, January 16, 2012

16: Vacations Ending Soon

I cringe to tell you that I have missed these last thirteen days. I registered for classes and got everything I wished for. However Advising threw me in for a loop so I need to meet with them again so I can ensure that these classes I'm taking will allow me to graduate this semester and no more. I hope. I learned that I didn't have to leave my job after graduation was over. I worked 40hour weeks at my job and I got a pay raise, which was a lovely surprise. I've come to realize that I'm part of the office, that over vacation time they are my friends and family. As I, unintentionally cut myself off from the world they become my confidents and my family. Corny as it seems. I love my job and the office. It's sad to say that when I actually do have to leave to pursue whatever i do in the future, either teaching abroad or studying to obtain my Teaching Certification I'll have to leave that ragtastic group behind. Erin ensures that she keeps in contact with the employees she truly likes and I will be on that list someday. School with start on Wednesday and I'll have my hour minimalized to my measly seven and I won't get to see my co-workers as often as i would like. That's what I applied for and I really cannot complain.

So, I leave todays blog with a screen shot from my friends wedding montage back last May. Let's just say I had a few drinks feet hurt. Remember when all I would blog about were dresses I needed to purchase and the weddings I had to attend last year...yeah....these are the results of that ;)

I promise to keep up and not let another thirteen or more days pass. I promise...maybe two.

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