Thursday, January 5, 2012

3: Apparently I Didn't Plan Early Enough

I stood there with everything in my hands; id, check. Degree Eval, check. Reading Material for the wait, check. Signs were posted that said no more walk-ins were available for the day and that Monday would be a better time. When Advising finally opened their doors for the New Year, I called so I could make an appointment to see an advisor regarding Graduation but since January 2nd nobody was answering the phones. I mean, there was definitely ringing but nobody was willing to pick it up and answer. I was tired of this and so I decided to make my visit to the Advising Office today where I was heartlessly escorted away for not thinking ahead enough. 
I didn't receive my grades until the 31st, during the time in which Advising posted that they would be closed to celebrate Christmas and the New Year holiday. Apparently this is their high time and explains why they're ignoring their phones. Well I'm sorry Miss, I probably would've known this if you had answered your phones. I wouldn't have gotten tired and went to the Advising office myself because that was the only other solution to my problem. Alas, my alumni co-workers and boyfriend gave words of comfort that they too suffered similar situations where Advising has not been very advising.
It wouldn't of have been a big deal but lady at the table sat their with a tone of voice that judged me for not knowing better. There's a difference between: I'm sorry but this is usually our high time and we're currently at a two hour wait to see an advisor and You shouldn't have tried to call us, it's high time. Appointment? You'll have a better chance coming in on Monday around 8:30am to see an Advisor. Wow. Regardless of how you can rationalize her behavior. Her tone just got to the bone of me and has made me irritable. 

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