Wednesday, January 25, 2012

25: Anniversary Dinner

For our anniversary, Jon and I went to watch Beauty and the Beast in 3D. There wasn't a lot of need for 3D, like a lot of films now but I especially liked the fact the trees in the opening scene were out of this world. After watching the movie we headed over to Bennigans where we received less than outstanding service. First of all, our waitress paid more attention to the table behind us to the point that we had to flag her down for everything; to order and to even the check. I try to look on the brighter sides of things nowadays and I try not to call people out on the obvious, but when a waitress is more attentive towards the two couples in her section that happen to be caucasian while the asian couple sits and waits to be attended to, how can you not feel excluded? I was pretty upset by our treatment, surely it's a common understanding that waving down a waitress in an empty restaurant (again three couples within her section)  somethings wrong. But other than that, Jon and I sat in his car reflecting over the past year and what our strengths are and he agreed that communication is what we keep alive. He read the last blog and he started to feel emotional thinking about what exactly we had gone through within the last twelve months. But we kept smiling. It was our night, although the past does bring a downcast, it was meant as an uplifting message for the night. We'll battle it out together. He'll be there for me, and I'll be there for him. Simple as that.

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