Saturday, March 17, 2012

77: Thoughts Towards My Future

the more and more I study for my education class the more I worry about the restriction of my philosophies by ptas, parents, and administrative officials. I'm constantly reading of how they're becoming more wary of what's being taught in the classroom, but what if I feel that it's necessary for those students to know. I'm aiming for urban students, but what benefit do they earn if I'm teaching a class with a 60% population of Latino/as and all I tell is that the Spanish came to North America, gathered Natives to help build the first Mission, Mission San Diego de Alcala and that's the first Mission. I'm neglecting them the truth that they were forced into slavery and to give up their beliefs. By telling my Japanese students, that they were faced with racism because American's thought they were linked to people in Japan who were anti-American related. I'll be forced to neglect to tell them these things, like racism that was given towards those people. They may not fully comprehend it then, but at least at a later time they won't wonder why they didn't learn it earlier.

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