Monday, March 19, 2012

[late] 78

The more and more I read about LBGTQ issues within high school and those who seek to provide a safe haven for those students. I'm all for equality, I'm all for openness, I'm all for providing the other side of the argument for fair judgement. However as I'm reading the possibilities of what would happen to a teacher that does what I seek to do is apparently teenage drama. It seems that a running claim throughout this argument is that the teacher who suggests LGBTQ literature may be accused of being one. How ignorant is that teacher?
I have a right to protect my students, and I believe that by providing information to learn new things about this sub culture is important to prevent violence against them by allowing people to learn more about them. The more and more I think about these issues within high schools, the more angrier i feel. I just realized that those who are noted in the media of being victims of bullying and committing suicide yet the media concerned in anti-bullying movement are giving light to those who are "different" yet not queer.  thoughts thoughts.

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