Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Malinak Lay Labi

Ag ta ka nalingoanan Angga'd kauyos na bilay...

Malinak la'y labi Oras la'y mareen
Mapalpalna'y dagem Katekep to'y linaew
Samit da'y kugip kon Binangonan kon tampol
Lapu'd say limgas mo Sikan sika'y amamayoen.

Lalo la bilay No sika la'y nanengneng
Napunas lan amin So ermen ya agbibiten
No nanunotan ko la'y samit da'y ugalim
Ag ta ka nalingoanan Angga'd kauyo
s na bilay...

(Uliten so II tan Gapo)

It's a love song that a lot of Filipinos from Pangasinan know (as thats what my parents told me) I grew up hearing that song, and it's probably the only Filipino song that I can fully sing. Although I can't get the pronunciation down, I can sing it. Maybe one day I can sing it to my kids. Let them know that even though I can't speak Filipino, there's this song that connects us back to our homeland. Even if they're raised to be sooo American, there's this song from the region of their Grandparents that they can keep with them. They'll probably hate it, but they'll learn to appreciate it in their later lives.

Also, Happy 24th Birthday Scott.

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