Thursday, April 5, 2012

96: Motherload of Nostalgia

I made this for my Senior Year of High School. it was an introductory video of ourselves. I was 16 about to finish high school. Oh dear. dear. dear. Look at my hair! it's just so...LONG (ahem 2:14 with Rahmaan)! I don't know if I'm disgusted looking AT my long hair or I just can't believe how long it WAS!  It's about to be a good five years since I made this video for that class and I can tell you a lot a lot has changed. half of those people I don't talk to or see and only a good handful of people in this video keep in regular contact. That's what five years can do. It's nice to see me in junior high fashion again, minimal but it's fine. I can't help face palming myself due to looking at myself from this time of my life. Thinking about it now, I can say that I really was confused a lot of the time and really had my heart broken from the first time. It was young love when you think about it and ignore the corny sounding nature of it. Plus my Grandpa, Lola, and my Piano teacher had died within a year of each other. i experienced a little more freedom in high school but not as much as now and I can't imagine going back to those days. I didn't get a cell phone and a computer of my own for another three year. Oy. Well...that's nostalgia for you.

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