Wednesday, March 7, 2012

[late] 66: What I Couldn't Say

Being that yesterday was my Lola's anniversary,  the slightest utterance brought me to tears just using her name.  But today I attended Pinay Week at UCSD. A week celebrating the herstory  and political power of Filipino Women. They brought up the question of heroines. Being part of KAMP, these questions were the typical questions asked during the Bayani lesson plan and when being asked why I stated her as my heroine, the tears flowed to my eyes and my voice could hardly stand it's ground. 

My Grandma indeed sacrificed. She was hesitant to leave the Philippines and everything she knew in order to immigrate to America. It was a friend of hers that told her that the opportunity was readily available for her to immigrate and she was a fool not to take it. She had already helped raise her son's three children and now she was being beckoned to help raise her only daughters children and she took it. Somebody spoke of their ideal heroine having qualities and attributes that they lack and they strive to have those qualities. The amount of sacrifice my Lola made to me is something I can only look with awe upon. I cannot see me myself doing so much just for the sake of my family in the way that she has, and she is my heroine. Strong but humble. aking lola.

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