Sunday, May 6, 2012

133-134: Because I've been in the Library this long bc of FINALS

Somehow my laziest semester turned into the hardest one of my life. 5-7 page papers with one 10 page paper in  addition to fill-in finals.
  1. Ethnic Literature - Study Guide for Final on Thursday
  2. American Literature 1920-1960 - Representation of Masculinity through Jesse James due...tomorrow. Final next Tuesday and the Final Final.
  3. Mulitcultural Education 
    1. Educational Reform - extended due date Today
    2. Multicultural Education in Middle School - Presentation/Paper due Wednesday
  4. Japanese Film - Political Allegories in Momotaro Sea Eagles and Gojira due Thursday
  5. Special Study - Standard of Beauty In Literature due soon for Advisor editing
  6. Film and Fiction - Study Guide for Final on Thursday/Rewatch Persona/Jules et Jim
After my Am Lit final, I'll be finished with my English Degree!

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