Monday, May 7, 2012

135: Makeup Distraction

Alright really fast since makeup is on my mind despite working on a paper. I have the upmost respect for Drag Makeup. Actually makeup as a transformative measure. A lot of time and energy is spent into acquiring features that we may not be able to attain otherwise. I've been watching a lot of Drag Makeup Tutorials lately to try to get an understanding of some of the techniques that they do. For example, I've noticed that a lot of Drag looks include the heavy use of black shadow or liner to create a false crease creating depth into the eye. One perfect example is Manila Luzon, who at times when I look at her her application can make me believe for a second she is a real woman.

Case in point her: Her Lady Liberty outfit and first several makeup looks with the Makeup artists using black

With my Undergraduate Career over in a matter of days, I'm willing to try these techniques out. I'm also thinking about Cosplay. Now not cosplay where I dress up, but techniques that give the illusion of anime eyes or facial features inspired by my favorite characters. I've developed a list of Cartoon characters that I wouldn't mind recreating and creating an inspired look of. That's all. Janel needs to go back to her paper.

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