Tuesday, May 8, 2012

136: Sleep and Cafe Venti

Went with Felix to go study at Cafe Venti but the KPop playing in the background was not good for both of our productivity's. While I struggled to find hints of construction of masculinity through the American West in library books, Felix struggled to keep emotions and his jaw closed as scantily dressed Korean Pop Idols graced the wide screen televisions on the wall. He would consistently state which ones were his favorites and oggled at the dance moves mixed with the camera angles that catered to his delight. This happened...every five minutes as another girl group replaced the stage with their own butt pats and body pops. The only time it was quiet between the both of us is when the Korean Boy Group's started to sing. Before we knew it, it was 1050PM and Felix had only written a paragraph and I got through two books but did not find any information that could have been of assistance all the while struggling not to laugh at Felix's delight. We needed to leave Cafe Venti.

Despite trying to appease the caffeine crash that was slowly beginning to affect my body with more caffeine, I needed a nap. Luckily, my boyfriend was at the 24/7 at SDSU and held us a table, in return we provided him a cup of hot milk tea and a cup of hot water for his noodles. Since being here, Felix managed to produce two more pages of his assignment quicker than the entire time we were at Cafe Venti and the vivacity I needed energy wise returned to me after a quick 30min power nap that Jon allowed me to have between studying. I was falling asleep on my books anyway. I know I haven't had a lot of sleep between the last 36hrs and I wonder what will happen when all  of this is over this is fucking hell week.
*Note to self, talk about Mr. Labrador on next post.

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