Wednesday, May 16, 2012

144: Ultimate Recap

139 RECAP: This was Friday where I primarily went to work, did some shopping for my Graduation Dress (bought stockings, fashion tape to hem the dress, and wedges for Rhonas Birthday and my dress) , went to Aztec Shop Western Jamboree (End of the Year Party), and brought my went with my Sister to Therapy.

140: Saturday: Rhona's Birthday and Shopping
Did some more shopping with my Sister; bought belts for my dress and some damage at the new Ulta that opened up in Point Loma. YES! No more 40min plus drive to the one in La Jolla. Besides the new Ulta is a lot bigger, better organized, and I can't square off points that it's a lot closer. Failed at trying to finish my last paper since I ended talking to Rahmaan and Keriann before I headed off to El Camino for Rhona's Birthday where I don't remember this being taken

What was supposed to be a pit stop ended up being several hours on the dance floor with the Ates from KAMP. Several things have gone missing from that night that I'm still yet to locate but despite that, I had fun. 

141: Sunday - HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!
Honestly, helped Michelle cook our Mom Breakfast and Lunch. Fell asleep for seven hours. Woke up at 7pm, only to fall asleep several hours later and waking up Monday morning. Nevertheless, I gave my Mom the tickets to my graduation and she was over the moon.

142: Monday - SDGE

SDGE decided to do construction in front of my house which made it impossible to get inside. So I spent the day with Rahmaan and Jon. Rahmaan and I watched Horrible Bosses and went to MJ's to support KAMP's HSFilGrad fundraiser there. He loved the Longanisa fries. I got a call from Jon around 5pm and after dropping off Rahmaan I headed over and found poor Jon in the fetal position fast asleep in his car. He finished his first year of Grad school. To celebrate we went to Islands and indulged in Greek Salad, Margaritas, and Kona Pie. (Mocha Almond fudge :P)
So much for trying to study

143: Tuesday SDGE Pt II
I woke up to SDGE still on my street and slamming metal grates. The construction was so in progress that I ended up calling Rahmaan and asked him if he could take me to school if I bought him lunch. Luckily we both had finals at 1pm and American Lit was mehh. We went to Cheba Hut afterwards, which he ended up enjoying and then Yogurtland for some yogurt. Fell asleep when i got home and that was it.

144: Wednesday
Although technically I didn't have class today and my finals were over. I still went to school and sold my books and donated part of my book collection to the Africa school fund that the English department collaborated with. Which now leads me here. where I'm typing along trying to convince Jon to either put frosting on his nose or makeup on his face. I've also eaten all of the strawberry's in his cake he let me have :) We're going to work on the FilGrad script now. :) More later.

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