Sunday, May 20, 2012

145 - 149 Recaps: Hemming, Graduating, and Boyfriends amongst other things

145: Stoles and Hemming

I met with Lily at Pangea to receive my stoles from KAMP. As it turns out, I received two. One with material from the Philippines and one that Jon brought home from Thailand that was to be turned into a stole for me. Also, I was there when Jon handed Lily the material and I honestly believed it to be pasalubong. We then met a man named Art who was curious to Lily's stitching in the middle of the cafe and told us of his immigration from the Philippines to here. How he plays the piano for fun and for money. His business care reads "Art on the Piano", art for his name AND art for his skills on the piano. After I got home, Honestly, I hemmed my dress for Graduation.


Also that day, my parents and Jon finally met. To make it quick, my parents didn't speak a word to him. Not to mention my Dad tried to invalidate my current job as non-major related. Oh boy. Well, at least I'm done with college.

147: Scott's Associates and PARTY!!!

My brother received his ASSOCIATES!!! I got teary eyed watching him finally take that walk down the aisle to his seat and up to receive his diploma. It took six years but gosh, you can't help but feel so proud of his accomplishment. Heck any accomplishment can truly make you feel proud. I honestly didn't know up until that moment what his degree was in (transfer studies) but hey where he goes, he'll realize what he truly wants.

Rochelle threw a graduation party celebrating not only her completion but whomever else's graduation from college as well. Totally IDGAF attitude and caught up with some good friends. Not to mention witnessing some drunk friends for the first time. Sometimes you gotta cut balls where ya need to in order for the creepiness to end. 

149: Setting Up Sunday...

Sitting at Livingroom reading The Bluest Eye. I honestly want to finish reading that book so I can focus on CBEST and CSET credential testing next month.

Grades So Far: Asian Film: C/ Multicultural Education: B/Film and Fiction: B

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