Saturday, June 2, 2012

162: Dawson's Creek marathon. oh my.

159: Wednesday, May 30 -  Hung out with Rahmaan down in OB for some cuban sandwiches at Azucar. Headed over to the boardwalk and then on a whim headed over to Fashion Valley. For my "graduation present" he got me some sandals I was looking at in H&M. Afterwards, I headed over to Otay to hang out with Louie and Melissa, catching up in Barnes and Noble.

160: Thursday, May 31- ...had a serious Queer Eye for the Straight Guy marathon.

161: Friday, June 1- Ran around SDSU trying to get my Faculty ID and Parking Permit. I can park in the green area :). Work. Home and then went to my cousin's Grandma's viewing. Afterwards my sister

162: Saturday, June 2- Sadly, I finished Queer Eye and Dawson's Creek. Watched the first episode and hated it. Fast forwarded it to when Joey and Pacey get together. Going out to DNB with Jon later tonight. :)

It has come to the time that for this 366, I've lost a lot of motivation to blog something of substance so for now, I'm just putting what I did that day.

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