Wednesday, June 6, 2012

165: Future Makeup Table

Posting into the early hours of the 166 but hey, 165 is still fresh. Spent most of the day putting away my college work into my college box. Stressing out between CBEST testing since I'm not really used to the math and reading comprehension portions and finding out where to put the paperwork that is really just desk material. Michelle and I are now in talks about purchasing a new desk since her old makeup table doesn't have the capacity to hold both of our things.

I'm really liking this desk especially with the magnetic backboard from Ikea. .
The area that holds the computer modem could hold our containers holding school supplies for easy access. Plus any desk paperwork that is still needed could go on the very top. Not to mention the awesome magnetic backboard that can hold any things posted on my walls. Plus the designated pull out drawer could hold the go to items and my huge palettes could also go on top.

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