Thursday, June 14, 2012

174: Errands and Netflix

I've been pretty busy today doing errands for myself. Went to the bank for that long awaited Korea/Grad school fund. Afterwards, realizing there wasn't any food at home I got a gyro at the Greek Restaurant nearby. Then headed to the gym at SDSU for an hour only to come back home do some badly needed car wash and vacuuming. I was finally finished around 445PM and when I went inside, I plopped down and took a nap.


Last night, I finished the first season of "Being Human US" on Netflix. As the season came to a close, I became disappointed knowing either I would have to wait until more episodes are released on Netflix, or try to search for it online despite the likeliness of finding the original "Being Human UK" instead. I'll watch the original when I get to it, but I'm mostly watching the American version for Sam Huntington's sake.

Or you may know him as Tim Allen's son, Mimi-siku in "Jungle 2 Jungle". Age does wonders...and an awkward personality which is just my type. ;P I'm trying to jump on either the "Sherlock" train, since the writer is one of the writer's from "Doctor Who", but I can't help but notice how pale the bastard who plays Sherlock Holmes is.

While watching the first episode, I realized his eyebrows made him look sickly but after looking up this photo I came to learn the guy is actually blonde, thus the weird eyebrows are lighter than his real hair because he actually has lighter hair. Hm. Similar to Sheldon Cooper with his God-complex, "how boring must if be for you lot not to be me" but the hour and a half episodes are slow for development and his House-like conclusions. The deductive rationale inspires me somewhat to solve minute details of the day like..."you've been eating", "yes, ms. bruan how did you know", 'you have a huge ketchup stain on your cheek and chocolate bits on the corner of your mouth". :P But nothing has really captured my attention. I have also been catching up again with 'Hey Arnold" as well as trying to get into "Workoholics", but I'm really slow in getting into it.

Weirdly enough, Blake's my favorite character. since Anders and Adam can be so annoying and narcissistic, Blake is the relief because he can be the more sensible one despite being the drug supplier of the lot. I don't really have an opinion as to whether or not I like this show since it's too stoney comedy for my liking.  Tomorrow's another busy day and I'm still pretty tired from today. 

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